Forgiveness Therapy
April 27, 2017 MicHae1Ba11Ard351
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Forgiveness Therapy

“I hate my Dad. Can you help?”

This afternoon I met with a new client for the first time. He had heard through a friend that I did something called Forgiveness Therapy and he wasn’t quite sure what that was. He knew that he had some bitterness and resentment in his life, especially towards his father. He was holding grudges from past wounds and hurts, and he was concerned that it was starting to impact his life.

To make matters worse, the anger, bitterness and resentment he felt were now spilling over into other areas of his life. It wasn’t bad enough that he had a poor relationship with his dad. Now he was yelling at his kids and fighting with his wife too. It seemed to him that he was mad at one person, but taking it out on another. And then another. And then another. And he wanted that to stop.

Forgiveness Therapy is hard work. It is difficult to take a deep look at your wounds, work through your pain and bitterness, make peace with your past, and then move on. But it is powerful work, and the impact of successful forgiveness work can be nothing short of remarkable.

If you have deep hurts, resentments, or bitterness, then know that there is a way to work through these hurts. It’s not an easy path, but there is hope.

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