Clinical Services

Experience, Clinical Approach, Testing and Assessment

Clinical Approach

Integrating top-tier doctoral training with experience from a variety of settings helps Dr. Ballard provide professional, client-centered clinical services treatment. Dr. Ballard’s clients appreciate his direct style, creative interventions, and use of humor in their sessions. He then works collaboratively with patients to create treatment goals that are specific to your life and your needs, and then work towards them with support and accountability.

Individual and Family Counseling

Dr. Ballard works with individuals, groups, and families to help build better relationships and work through issues of conflict and trust. His philosophy of therapy is based on the belief that being disconnected from healthy, supportive relationships is the cause of almost all human problems. Dr. Ballard encourage clients to take charge of their lives by learning to understand their anger, forgive themselves and others, make better choices, and practice assertiveness instead of aggressiveness.

Clinical Supervision

Dr. Ballard provides clinical services supervision for those in graduate programs, pre-licensed professionals, and those seeking additional guidance and direction in a variety of areas, including private practice, professional development, and ethics.

Business Consulting

Dr. Ballard works with various companies to help resolve interpersonal conflicts that inhibit the decision making process, implement team strategy, build leadership capacity in preparation for driving change, facilitate strategic planning, and consult on the hiring, promotion, and firing of employees.

Testing and Assessment

Dr. Ballard provides psychological, emotional, behavioral, and academic evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults.

Testing may be helpful for getting a clearer picture of what is going on, clarifying your diagnosis, and improving your counseling or medication treatment. For students, testing can help with IEPs, accommodations for school as well as standardized testing. A full assessment evaluation includes a comprehensive report and feedback session with specific treatment recommendations that provide the next steps needed.